Tom Maiden: Windows Application Developer .

Skill Set:
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft SSMS
  • TOAD for Data Analysts
  • Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Visio
  • Windows App Development with VB.Net
  • Microsoft T-SQL
  • Oracle PL/SQL
  • Dev Express Report Designer
  • Web App Development with VB & ASP.Net
  • Dev Express Controls for Windows
  • Dev Express Controls for Web Apps
  • Crystal Reports

Project List :             

Large Pet Food Manufacturing Company
2018 to present.

This company is restructuring to take advantage of the latest technology, to remain competitive in its marketplace. They have multiple legacy applications used to track the status of the various manufacturing projects and product specifications. They also have an extensive code library, developed in-house, which helps keeping code standardized and efficient. The code library allows for automatic generation of web forms, from database tables, which means that most modifications required on a web form can be made simply by editing settings in a few data tables.

Worked with a team of Business Analysts and Developers on projects to upgrade legacy web applications using VB.Net/ASP.Net, T-SQL and PL/SQL, to use the standardized code library. Project tasks were tracked using Visual Studio Team Services. VSTS was also used for source code control and automated deployment.

Package Insurance Company
2015 to July 2018.

This company is constantly finding new ways to help its customers insure both their incoming and outgoing packages for less cost than the package carriers insurance. Each of these new methods require data collection, data transfer, data storage, and report generation as well as user interfaces to the database to accomplish these tasks. To keep costs low, automation is used to do most of the work.

I assisted this company by building Windows applications using VB.Net and MS-SQL server to automatically move data files at specified times of the day, and Windows applications that allow a user to work with the data stored in the MS-SQL database

Large Bank
2013, 2014

The bank decided to process debt sales internally instead of using the usual outside vendor. A number of manual processes were quickly developed to handle the task, but these were cumbersome, slow and produced inconsistent results. I built a suite of tools using VB.Net and MS-SQL server to be used for debt sales. The tools are used to move data between multiple systems and multiple databases, generate reports, clean and format data and produce files for importing into other systems.

When the bank sells a large number of accounts to a debt buyer, the buyer needs to be issued each accounts statement information for the past year. 2000 to 3000 PDF files need to be generated and sent quickly and securely. Currently, the banks only method of doing this was by someone manually entering each account number into a web site, one at a time. This method was time consuming, prone to errors and cost money in the form of man-hours. I built a tool which accesses the debt sale database that I built, and can push the account numbers up to the web site with little effort. The "Media Request" tool is also used to gather metrics for reporting user productivity.

The bank uses a number of unrelated systems, with different databases. For reporting, all of data needs to be consolidated into one centralized database by nightly file ETLs. These are automated, but sometimes fail causing data loss down stream, and inaccurate reports. I built a dashboard tool to quickly access the condition of all my overnight processes to ensure that any report that I generate is using current data. the dashboard interface shows a row of green or red indicators, which immediately show where data may not have been updated.  

Large Bank

The banks collection system was developed with VB6 and uses an automated phone dialer to call customers who get behind in their payments and interfaces with the bank’s mainframe computer systems. Maintenance on the collection system was put on hold while a new collection system is being developed, however, the replacement system fell behind schedule and it was decided that the legacy system be brought back to full operation. I worked with a team of developers to repair a number of known faults that had been listed on the banks bug tracking software. The repairs involved creation of VB6 fixes, new SQL stored procedures and the development of tools using VB.Net 2008.

Auto Leasing Company
    1. The main system had been designed using two digit years for every date stored in the database. When model year 2000 cars came out, many of the date functions would no longer work. I built a program that could search all of the source code for these Y2K problems and generate a report. The report was used to divide the Y2K repair effort for all members on the team.
2. After closing all of their branch offices, all data had to be combined into one database. The auto leasing application had to be modified to easily locate branch data. I modified the application to make it easier to locate the required data in the now larger database.
3. The original AR function originally had been designed for manual posting of lease payment checks. I built an automated system for posting payments after the checks had been received at the bank. The checks were then sent directly to the bank, being deposited a day earlier.

Book Distribution Company
    The company needed a new system for taking inventory at its bookstores. The old system used optical scanners for reading the ISBN printed on the back of its books; however, the scanners were expensive to maintain, required custom batteries and did not work well. I built a new system using small "symbol" scanners which were programmable with VB6. I developed, tested and implemented 3 applications to make this system work - the code in the scanner, the code on a PC which read data collected by the scanner, and a PICK BASIC program which would take the data from the PC and loaded it to the bookstore database.

Electronics Manufacturing Company
    1. The company had a legacy customer service application that was written in Access. It crashed frequently, and the database had to be restored several times a day. I rebuilt the application using MS-SQL and VB.Net as a client/server system. The legacy screen layouts were used for the new system, which made user training unnecessary. Transactions were used to maintain database consistency. The VB.Net client was built to automatically update itself when new updates were available. The application handled parts lookup based on BOM, parts order entry, receiving of units for repair, repair tickets, shipping of units and parts, and warranty claim handling.
2. The company also needed a way to track assets maintained by the I.S. department. Again I used MS-SQL and VB.Net to build a database system for tracking PC, network and telephone equipment, as well as all software and backup media for all the PCs at our location.

Large Brewing Company
    The company decided to update their massive TERADATA data base and many of the tables and field names were redefined and renamed. This broke most of all the SQL statements used to generate sales reports. As a team member, I assisted with rewriting much of the SQL used by the VB6 reporting application.

Biomedical Testing Company
    The company was hired to do drug studies, which required a system to gather data from test subjects and devices which could measure the  subjects response to the drug.
Project #1 was for a new heart medicine study. The new application was written in VB.Net and used a MS-SQL database. It collected subject test subject demographics and data from EKG machines. I built several data entry screens, as well as a screen to show the waveforms generated by the EKG data, which could be interpreted by a cardiologist.
Project #2 was an application that worked similar to the EKG project; however, this application was for collecting data from a blood pressure monitor. I built this application by myself. The data from both the EKG and blood pressure monitors was simple ascii numbers in proprietary formats which had to be read, cleaned, verified and then stored in the MS-SQL database.

eCommerce Company
    The company sells its product through a custom built website, with a custom built content management program. The Content management program was poorly written and difficult to maintain and use. I rewrote the application using VB.Net and MS-SQL to have a Windows MDI user interface which solved the original problems and then added new capability such as having the application send e-mails and I added an interface to their Microsoft "Great Plains" system they used for accounting.

Package Insurance Company
    The company had a VB6 application for gathering shipment information from companies all over the country. When the application had to be updated, users had to download and install the software or had to be sent the new version. My project was to design and build a web application to replace the VB6 app. My design allowed importing the shipping information in multiple formats such as access MDB files, Excel files, delimited files or fixed width files, over the internet, into the database. The new application was built using VB.Net, ASP.Net and Microsoft SQL server.

TSM 8-18-2019